Who are we?

Roma Civic Alliance of Romania (RCA) is an 'umbrella' organisation, established in April 2006, by initiative of 20 Roma associations and foundations of Romania.

Our mission is to promote the values and democratic practices, the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, of the economical, social and cultural rights of the Roma minority at the national and European level.

Currently, after an organizational restructuring process in April 2008, the member organisations decided to shift from an association of leaders of Roma NGOs to an association of NGOs, where the members are the organisations themselves (quite similar to a federation), with a board of directors of 5 representatives of local NGOs, a new team and a commitment to strengthen the Roma civic movement in Romania in the coming years.

What we do?

In our work we are constantly preoccupied to stimulate and to actively participate to the public debates and to organise events aimed at bringing the Roma issues in Romania and the EU on the public agenda. Under the international initiative Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015, the Roma Civic Alliance of Romania is acting as DecadeWatch, the watch-dog organisation monitoring the Romanian authorities and their actions, as well as the way in which these authorities are implementing the measures and the associated plans of actions to improving the Roma situation.

And why?

Trough all our activities we support the Roma civil society in Romania, aiming at build strong coalitions and strengthen an open network of NGOs and resource-persons, in order to facilitate the Roma to exercise their rights to access to the quality education, social protection and welfare, housing etc. and to contribute to managing the potential inter-ethnic conflicts.

We militate for a proactive attitude of the relevant stakeholders involved in Roma issues: the communities themselves, the Roma leaders, the majority population, the public authorities etc.

Until now...

We actively participated and encouraged public debates, with partners within the mainstream civil society, representatives of the public authorities, organising events such as the celebration of the International Roma Day and the Roma Slavery Abolishment Day, or Gala of the Roma Civil Society.

Plans for future

In the next years we propose to consolidate the collaborative network of the Roma NGOs, trough encouraging regional or county-level networks. We also advocate for a real consultation of the local Roma NGOs in the phases of the elaboration of the inclusion and equal opportunity-related policies, measures promoted by the European Union as well.

Our team

David Mark, Executive director  [david.mark [at]acrr.ro]
Iulian Stoian, LL.M., Public Policies and Advocacy Senior Adviser  [iulian.stoian[at]acrr.ro]
Violeta Damian, Administrative assistant [violeta.damian [at]acrr.ro]
Daniela-Rahela Dadu, Project assistant [rahela.dadu [at]acrr.ro]

Amalia Diaconescu, Programmes Assistant [amalia.diaconescu [at] acrr.ro]
Liliana Radulescu, HR officer

Where you can find us

34 Maria Rosetti St., 2nd floor, #6, sector 2, Bucuresti, Romania
Phone +40 21 211 12 34
Fax: +40 21 211 12 34
E-mail: office [at] acrr.ro
Website: www.acrr.ro